Get access to OpenWeather free weather data via pure Python database framework

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OpenWeather are thrilled to announce the launch of the Deker™ platform where you can effortlessly obtain free weather data to suit your specific requirements.

Deker™ empowers users to store and access a wide range of data types, virtually anything that can be represented as arrays, like geospatial data, satellite images, machine learning models, sensors data, graphs, key-value pairs, tabular data, and more. That's a simple and comfortable alternative to complex API responses for getting access to OpenWeather data, all in one place.

Open source under GPL 3.0

GitHub repository
  • Scalable storage of huge virtual arrays via tiling
  • Parallel processing of virtual array tiles
  • Own locking mechanism enabling arrays parallel read and write
  • Array level metadata attributes
  • Fancy data slicing using timestamps and named labels
  • Support for industry standard NumPy and Xarray
  • Storage level data compression and chunking (via HDF5)


Deker™ library is inherently secure to be used in your internal projects as its source code is public and available for audit, and also regularly scanned for dependency vulnerabilities using GitHub security audit mechanisms.

Naturally, weather data is a multi-dimensional array, where each dimensional is a geo coordinates, time and weather parameters such as temperature, precipitation, wind direction and speed, etc.

Why Deker™ is a useful instrument for getting weather data:

  • Data Slicing Made Easy: Deker™ simplifies the process of selecting specific slices of weather data.

  • Seamless Integration with Python: You can seamlessly incorporate Deker™ into your Python codebase without the need to decipher complex API responses. This immediate accessibility streamlines the data utilization process, saving valuable time and effort.

  • Flexible Data Formats: Deker™ offers the convenience of accessing data in multiple formats, including nparray and Xarray objects.

How to get access?

Not only do we offer Deker™ as an open-source solution, but we've also gone the extra mile to make free weather data accessible through Deker™ as a special initiative. Everything you require to seamlessly implement Deker™ as a database or access complimentary weather data can be found below.

Deker™ implementation

Open source implementation of Deker™ storage engine is published at

GitHub repository

API documentation and tutorials for the current release can be found in the technical documentation.

Deker™ documentation

Get free weather data via Deker™

Register today and get free access to accurate and precise weather data by OpenWeather: historical, current, forecasts, and much more through the pure Python database framework.

  1. Fill the registration form to join the waiting list for free access to Deker™

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  2. Get the confirmation email with the next steps described. Please be patient, it can take some time due to the number of requests.

  3. Download the weather data and enjoy!

  4. Share your feedback with us via

Deker™ tutorial

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