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Free Data for Students

The more people who have access to the climate data, the larger potential it may unleash. Data`s value is not diminished, but increased, by the amount of parties using it. In confronting the current climate and healthcare challenges, access to weather data is vital. In OpenWeather, we are dedicated to facilitate access to weather data and to instigate interest in data-science and climatology.

What you get

Within the terms of this initiative all students and educators may obtain a free 6-month access to the product packages below:

Current weather and forecasts, Developer plan:

Historical weather collection, Medium plan:

How to obtain access to the Free Data for Students

If you are a student or a university scholar, you may obtain access to these packages by doing the following:

  1. Sign up using your school-issued email or login to OpenWeather using an existing OpenWeather account.
    (No credit card or payment information required)

  2. After a successful registration, you will be transferred to the student form automatically. Please, prepare the following information to fill in the form:

    • Full name and the name of educational institution
    • Student ID and its expiration date
    • Your project description (please note, that a more thorough description of your project would facilitate the processing of your application)
  3. Once you submit the student form, your application will be taken for validation. You will receive an email as a confirmation of the student access activation.

Congratulations on becoming a member of the OpenWeather Student Initiative. Before utilising our API, please visit the ‘How to Start’ page, which provides essential guidance and tips for getting started with our service.

If you are an educator or speaking on university/college behalf, please contact us directly via

What we ask in return

  1. Share your results: Once you finish using OpenWeather's data, you are welcome to share the results of your work or research project with us and our community. You could provide us with a research article, link to the publication or any other material to contribute to our initiative.
  2. Branding: We welcome any attribution of OpenWeather in your research project. You can use OpenWeather`s logo or link to our website upon making your work or research project public.
  3. Do not share your API key: Please, do not share the API key with anyone who doesn`t take part in your project. If you are an educator or a university representative, we would invite you to ask us for a consultation on how to provide your students with access to our data.


How long does the activation process take, after submitting my request for the free data for students?

Currently, all requests are reviewed individually, which requires a few days to reply. Due to significant volume of requests, please expect a delay in the provision of this data.

I have obtained access to the free data for students, but I don’t know how to use it.

Here`s our how to start guide.

What should I do if my 6-months access to the free data expired, but my project is not yet finished?

Your access to the free data for students could be reviewed, depending on your individual circumstances. We would ask you to provide a detailed description of your project and to define the time period this data will be required for.

May I still access the free data for students once my research project is over?

  • Send us an email to receive an individual consultation on our discounts and special offers. Then you could choose the data package that would be the best fit for your needs.
  • In case you develop a project with an open-source code, you may participate in our Open-source initiative.

Can I have access to free data for students if my studentship expires sooner, than in 6 months?

Yes, we will still review your application for the free data for students.

What should I do if I receive service errors?

Please, read our documentation or send an email to

Can I share the API key to my friends outside the university?

Please, do not share your API key with anyone else. Should your peers require access to weather data, you may direct them to us and we will help to choose a best solution.

Can I use the free data for students in the development of my commercial projects?

No. In accordance with the Creative Common license you can only use the free data for students in your academic research projects. Should you desire to use our weather data for commercial purposes, we would encourage you to switch to one of our plans. We can also provide you with a discount, based on your individual circumstances.

I already have a paid account. Can I still get a free license?

We do not refund already paid subscriptions. However, you can cancel your paid account at any time and apply for a free student account.

Do you have any more questions? Please, contact us via
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