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OpenWeather opensource project

Deker™ is a pure-Python implementation of petabyte-scale highly parallel data storage engine for multidimensional arrays. It empowers users to store and access a wide range of data types, virtually anything that can be represented as arrays, like geospatial data, satellite images, machine learning models, sensors data, graphs, key-value pairs, tabular data, and more.

Free weather data for Big Data LDN 2023 participants

OpenWeather continues to support the open-source community, students and educators, with our next short-term initiative, allowing you to effortlessly obtain free weather data to suit your specific requirements via Deker™.

Deker™ is a simple and comfortable alternative to complex API responses for getting access to OpenWeather data, all in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenWeather?

OpenWeather (headquartered in London) is a team of IT-intellectuals that create pivotal products for business using climate data. For each point on the globe, OpenWeather provides hyperlocal minutely forecast, historical data, current state, and from short-term to annual forecasted weather data. All data is available via industry standard APIs.

OpenWeather Ltd. has more than 5 million users including Fortune 500 companies and thousands of other businesses globally.

How accurate is OpenWeather?

OpenWeather hyperlocal ML-powered weather model inaccuracy is less than 1% (it is a % of the time when the model was >5°C of ground truth, lower is better).
You can find out more about the OpenWeather model here.

Where does OpenWeather get data from?

To offer global coverage and account for local nuances of climate, OpenWeather hyperlocal ML-powered weather model processes a number of datasets of different granularity, such as local and global models from national agencies such as NOAA and MetOffice, and enhances its model with data from radars, weather stations and satellites.
You can find out more about the OpenWeather model here.

Is OpenWeather API free?

We offer a Free rate that grants access to a variety of data types, including current weather, forecasts, and weather maps, etc. Upon registration on our website using just your email (no banking details required), you will receive an API key that allows for 60 free calls per minute.

Additionally, you can access our One Call API 3.0, which offers an extended data collection. This includes the current weather, a range of forecasts from minute-by-minute predictions for the upcoming hour to long-term forecasts spanning 1.5 years, a historical archive going back over 40 years and many more. With a subscription to One Call API 3.0, you only pay for the number of API calls made to this product, and you receive 1,000 API calls per day for free.

How do I get data from OpenWeather?

Please read our "How to start" tutorial to get detailed step-by-step instructions.

Which weather data OpenWeather provide?

OpenWeather provides forecasts, curent weather and historical data for 43 + years back. Forecasts have different granularity and horizon - from minute by minute, hourly and daily forecasts from.

Amongst our products are: One Call API 3.0, Solar Irradiance & Energy Prediction service, Road Risk API, Air Pollution API and solutions for advanced weather parameters like solar irradiance data, UVI, dew point, government weather alerts, etc. Please review our product list page and find more info in the product documentation and pricing pages.

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