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At OpenWeather, we understand that the true purpose of a business transcends beyond mere profit generation, it lies in creating a meaningful impact on society. Guided by the enduring principle of science as a catalyst for human advancement, we strive to better the world around us. This commitment drives us to launch Initiative programs that address urgent societal challenges, such as healthcare, education, and the issue of climate change.

We have launched the initiatives with the climate at their core

free data for students


As pioneers in the Big Data landscape, we're deeply rooted in technology and innovation. We champion the idea that education in climate data can be a catalyst for change, fostering a deeper understanding and inspiring action against climate challenges. Our commitment to knowledge and sustainability has led us to launch dedicated educational initiatives. We're proud of our thriving community of over 7 000 learners, each leveraging our data to enrich their studies and projects. Dive in and learn alongside them.

healthcare initiative


Weather and human health are intricately linked, yet this is a barely developed area of science. If you've ever thought, "I can sense it's going to rain because I can feel it in my bones," then you'll understand the connection we're highlighting. With our Healthcare Initiative, our aim is to advance understanding of the relationship between our health and climate conditions. We are offering free access to our Medium plan for the Historical Weather Collection in order to support independent research projects addressing current healthcare challenges.


Open Source

Developers across the world benefit from the Open Source software ecosystem and OpenWeather is not an exception. While influenced by the platforms like Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap, we have used the Open Source software in the foundation of our platform. To inspire the Open Source developers and to facilitate the accessibility of weather data, we choose to gear up those who contribute to the Open Source infrastructure. Currently, our community is home to thousands of dedicated developers, which is shown by our presence in over 14,000 GitHub repositories. We invite you to become a part of the OpenWeather developers family and to embark on a journey of progress with us.

healthcare initiative

Weather stations

If you also believe in the significance of climate data in tackling climate and healthcare challenges and would like to contribute to our initiatives, then we invite you to connect your automated weather station to our platform. The accuracy of weather data benefits from enthusiasts from all over the world and we reward these contributions with our Startup plan.

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